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   Knowing craps


If you want to really make some online betting money at craps then you need to know more than just the mechanics of the game. Indeed, to really stand the best chance of winning you need to know what bets you can make and, more importantly, which bets you should make. First off, the “pass” and “don’t pass” bets are the most widely made wagers and a necessary starting point if you wish to participate in a roll.

 To win a pass line bet the shooter must roll a seven or eleven. In contrast, for a “don’t pass” line bet to earn you some money the shooter must roll craps (two, three or twelve). On first inspection it may seem as though a "don’t pass line" bet is the most profitable since it allows you to win with three numbers. However, it’s important to consider how easily these totals can be made with two dice. Indeed, there is only one possible combination that will produce a total of two and that’s a double one.

Thus, if you’re looking to make a more regular profit on the come out roll then a pass line bet is preferable.

Once a point has been established then there is the option to bet on a specific number. Taking this option can be profitable, especially if it takes a while for the shooter to roll a seven or eleven and end the hand, but this option comes at a price. If you make one of these bets and they win then you are required to pay the casino a percentage of the winnings. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make them, it simply means that you should be aware that they aren’t a hugely profitable as they may first seem.

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