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Want to play bingo online? It might be easier thanks to the exceptional software and the large number of online casino sites available. However there are things you should consider before choosing a particular online casino bingo. For example, some software vendors require you to download their casino software, while others use software based on Java or Flash that allow you to play directly from your browser. If you have a Mac or Linux this can be a critical factor since many of the downloadable versions are for Windows.

The game Bingo has its origin in Italy.

In 1530, Italy was united and at that time was a lottery called "Lo Giuco del Lotto d'Italia" was founded. Then the 1778 game (the predecessor of today's Bingo) already in the upper echelon of French known. Bingo in Germany came to light first in 1880 and has been modified. With the help of the game they brought young children to mathematics and history in detail.

The time of the great stock market crash in the United States by 1929, the toy salesman Edwin S. Lowe in the near Atlanta, Georgia was on the road. For him it was too early to sell, so he made himself, in the only one that is already open tent - this was a Beano tent.

Here he observed that when the caller calls a number, put a bean on the participants, the number on their card.
Once a player has a full line had filled with beans, he called "Beano" and won the game.
After his return to New York was created by the toy seller his own bingo game bingo rules, bingo numbers and a board.

To test the game, he invited friends and acquaintances to his house.
One player was so excited that he, when he finally had a series completely: instead of bingo called Beano.
This was the birth of the modern bingo.

Lowe has created two bingo games:
- A set of 12 cards to a dollar
- A set of 24 cards to 2 dollars

In 1999 appeared the first online bingo halls on the Internet.

In 2005 about 3 million people worldwide regularly play bingo. This game is played mainly by women.

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