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   The Implied Odds

Those who know poker strategy, know their implied odds like the back of their hands. Rookies, who are only currently studying up, looking to climb to a superior level of poker thought, may have heard about it. What exactly are the implied odds though?

The best way to illustrate what these odds are and how they work is through an example: one of the most widely-used limit Holdem and low-stakes NL Holdem strategies, set-mining, is based on the implied odds.
Set-mining is about playing small pocket pairs basically. While there are beginners out there who will toss small pocket pairs into the muck, that’s obviously not what you should do with them. Small pocket pairs, together with suited connectors and even suited one-gappers are great implied odds hand and here’s why.

If you happen to pick up a small pocket pair, just try to see a cheap flop with them. That’s it. If you manage to do that, you’re already successfully set-mining, because your decisions from the flop onward will be extremely easy: if the flop hits you for the set, just get as many chips into the pot as you possibly can by the showdown. If it misses you, just fold it all up.

I know what you’ll say: you’ll say that sets don’t come around on the flop nearly often enough to mathematically justify the move: basically you’ll end up losing money doing this in the long-run, and you’d be right. You will end up losing some money, BUT, when that set does hit you, you’ll be able to get that two pair and that top pair all-in a relatively decent number of times, so in the end, you’ll end up recovering all your losses, and you’ll make some profit on the side as well, or so the theory goes. Are you searching for Golf Betting Tips?

That sort of positive expectation right there is what’s known as the implied odds. As said above, besides small pocket pair, the same sort of tactics work well with suited one-gappers and suited connectors too, only with these hands, you’re looking for straights and flushes instead of a set.

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